As a mental health consultant with extensive experience in the non-profit and settlement sector some examples of my projects include:  

    • Organizational Team Wellness debriefs
    • Specialized trainings & Workshops
    • Resource and content creation 
    • E-learning/online course development

I am a very committed advocate for newcomers and my work strives to support the mental wellbeing and capacity building of front-line staff and organizations that serve them.

Training & workshops for organizations:

Mental health wellness workshops for organizations with a focus on psycho-education and self-care which can serve as a powerful resource with lasting benefits. Each workshop is designed with specific goals to teach and guide you using the most up to date research findings based in psychotherapy, evolutionary and neurosciences. Examples include: 

    • Reclaiming work-life balance
    • Stress management tools for life
    • Effective communication: It’s not what you are saying
    • Vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue & burnout
    • Fostering resilience in the workplace            
    • Interpersonal skills in conflict management 
    • Reducing anxieties through narratives 
    • Personality & persuasion

Please inquire for a full list of workshop and training options. All workshops can be created for the specific topic needed by the organization.

Organizational team Wellness DebrieFS:

Team debriefings provide a safe space for its members to discuss and process their experiences at the workplace. One of the main benefits of debriefing is that it offers healthy coping skills and stress management strategies. It also brings a team together, strengthens relationships, and fosters team learning. Teams who debrief regularly are much more efficient in communication and have a better sense of collaboration. 

speaker requests:

I have had the pleasure of speaking at a number of national and international conferences on matters connected to mental health wellbeing, specifically having to do with vulnerable populations and topics such as newcomer integration, gender-based violence, trauma informed practices and self-care.  

please contact For more info for consulting projects. 

Portfolio of organizations worked with on consulting projects: